The ancient capital of Hoa Lu is the first capital of Vietnam in the tenth centuryIt is located in Hoa Lu districtNinh Binh provinceIn 968Dinh Bo Linh proclaimed himself emperor of Dai Co Viet (GreatVietand established his capital at Hoa Lu Since thenuntil the lastking of the dynasty of the pastit was the capital of the country for 42 years13 years under the Dinh (968-980) and 29 years under theprevious (980-1009). Covering 400 hectaresHoa Lu is a strongfortification erected by nature and man.

The Emperor Le Dai Hanh has built beautiful palaces, making the capital more sumptuousBut in 1010the Emperor Ly Thai To moved the capital from Hoa Lu to Thang LongHanoi today.

Todaythere are only two temples located in Truong Yen communeHoa Lu District The largest is dedicated to worship of the Emperor Dinh Tien Hoang and the other to the Emperor Le Dai HanhThey are so close300mfrom each otherthey are called the templesDinh LeThere are other vestiges such as the Ma Yen mountain,the mountain Cot CoNhat Tru pagodaThap Ba Ngothe caves Am Tiemetc.