08.00 Get picked up by our tour guide at Trang An Retreat then depart for Bai Dinh pagoda and Trang An eco-tourism attraction area

08.30 Arrive in Buddha Sanctuary place of Bai Dinh Pagoda, the biggest one in Vietnam with 500 Arhan statues. You can see a biggest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam with 10 meters in height, 100 tons in weight. Tour guide also gives you an introduction of beliefs and religions in Vietnam.

11.30 Have lunch in a local restaurant with some special dishes such as goat meat, pork storage vessel…

13.00 Leave for Trang An eco-tourism attraction. You will be amazed by neglected area while having boat trip through cave chains: Sang Cave, Toi Cave, Ba Giot Cave, Sinh Cave…experiencing mysterious views of  the so-called “Halong Bay in land”.

16.00 Get back to the bus and then return to Trang An Retreat, tour end at our Retreat.